Youth meets Wisdom: Minister Olawande’s Landmark Engagement with Akure Elders Sets New Standard for Leadership

Written By: Dayo Joseph

As his name connotes, ‘Wisdom’ has indeed demonstrated wisdom in his approach to leadership, bridging the gap between generations and fostering a culture of inclusivity and collaboration.

His commitment to valuing the wisdom and experiences of the elderly community is a testament to his own wisdom and dedication to building a brighter future for all.

In a landmark gathering, Minister of Youth (State), Engr. Ayodele Wisdom Olawande warmly welcomed esteemed Akure Elders, marking a significant milestone in the government’s efforts to engage with and support the elderly community.

This historic meeting aimed to bridge the intergenerational gap, foster mutual understanding and tap into the wealth of knowledge and experiences of the Akure Elders ,revered leaders and influencers in their prime, who had been previously overlooked but are now being celebrated and valued by the young Minister.

The meeting featured interactive sessions, where Olawande and Akure Elders shared stories, experiences, and ideas, fostering a sense of connection and community.

The Minister at the meeting announced plans to establish programs and initiatives aimed at supporting the elderly community, including mentorship programs, skills training and development, health and wellness initiatives, and social support networks.

In a testament to his dedication, the Minister will be hosting the Elders again Nextweek , in a bid to build on the momentum established in their initial meeting.

This renewed engagement is a welcome departure from the past, and a testament to the youthful vigour and commitment of the Minister.

The elders during the meeting expressed their gratitude for the opportunity given to share their wisdom and experiences, and looked forward to continued engagement with the Minister and his team.

As the Minister continues to drive this initiative forward, the residents of Akure and beyond can look forward to a brighter future, where every individual is valued, respected, and empowered to thrive

In the words of Minister Olawande he said’’Our elderly community is a treasure trove of wisdom and experience. By working together, we can build a society that is more compassionate, more inclusive, and more prosperous for all.

This meeting between the Minister of Youth and the Akure Elders marks a significant shift in the political landscape of Ondo State while it aswell demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity, intergenerational collaboration, and community building.

By engaging with the elderly community and valuing their wisdom and experiences, the Minister is setting a new standard for political leadership in Ondo State. This approach has the potential to foster a more compassionate, inclusive, and prosperous society for all.

Indeed, political office holders like Minister Olawande are a blessing to Ondo State, and their dedication to serving the people is a testament to the positive impact that effective leadership can have on communities.

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