ODHA Maj. Leader, Hon. Oluwole Ogunmolasuyi distributes palliatives to Aged, Widows, other constituents in Owo

Hon. Oluwole Emmanuel Ogunmolasuyi Empowers Owo Constituency 1 with Generous Donations

…….Aged, Widows, and Less Privileged get food, palliatives and cash gifts.
…….Renews the campaign promise of inclusion and more innovative program

Oke-Mapo Hall, Owo, Ondo State – (A Press Release on June 18, 2024)

In a remarkable display of compassion and commitment to his constituents, the Majority Leader of the Ondo State House of Assembly, Hon. Oluwole Emmanuel Ogunmolasuyi, hosted a highly impactful program today at Oke-Mapo Hall, Owo.

The event was attended by prominent stakeholders, ward chairpersons, and party executives, which focused on providing food palliatives and cash gifts to the aged, widowed, and less privileged members of Owo Constituency 1.

The program commenced with an opening address by Hon. Ogunmolasuyi, who expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the attendees for their continued support and dedication to the growth and development of the constituency.

He emphasized the importance of community solidarity, especially in challenging times, and reaffirmed his unwavering commitment to improving the lives of his constituents.

“We are here today because we recognize the hardships faced by many in our community, particularly the aged, widowed, and less privileged. It is our duty to stand by them and provide the necessary support to alleviate their burdens,” said Hon. Ogunmolasuyi. “Today’s event is a testament to our collective resolve to ensure that no one in Owo Constituency 1 is left behind.”

The program saw the distribution of various food items, including rice, gari, beans, and other essential commodities, to ease the nutritional challenges the beneficiaries face. Additionally, cash gifts were presented to help meet immediate financial needs and support the recipients in their daily lives.

One of the highlights of the event was the heartfelt testimonies from some of the beneficiaries, who expressed their deep appreciation for the support provided by Hon. Ogunmolasuyi. Many spoke of how the donations would significantly improve their living conditions and help them face the future with renewed hope.

Among the dignitaries present at the event were prominent stakeholders in the constituency, ward chairs, and party executives, who lauded Hon. Ogunmolasuyi’s initiative and dedication to the welfare of his people. Their presence underscored the collective effort and unity within the political structure of Owo Constituency 1, aimed at fostering development and ensuring the well-being of all residents.

The program also featured cultural performances and entertainment, adding a celebratory touch to the proceedings and highlighting the rich cultural heritage of the Owo community. The atmosphere was filled with joy and camaraderie as constituents came together to share in the spirit of giving and community support.

As the event drew to a close, Hon. Ogunmolasuyi reiterated his commitment to continuing such initiatives and working tirelessly to address the needs of his constituents. He called on other well-meaning individuals and organizations to join hands in supporting the less privileged and making a positive impact in society.

“We must remember that the strength of our community lies in our ability to support one another. Let us continue to work together, share our resources, and uplift those in need,” he urged. “Together, we can create a brighter and more prosperous future for Owo Constituency 1.”

The successful program at Oke-Mapo Hall marks another milestone in Hon. Oluwole Emmanuel Ogunmolasuyi’s leadership and dedication to his constituency. Meanwhile, he has urged constituency members to expect more innovative programs to improve collective well-being.

Hon. Oluwole Emmanuel Ogunmolasuyi (West)
ODHA Majority Leader
Owo Constituency 1
Chairman, Southwest Majority Leaders Forum

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