Guber poll: We’ll work for Agboola’s victory —Ondo PDP Youths vow

Appearing on a radio political program tagged Oro Oselu in Akure, Comrade Victor Oguntoyinbo who is the Head of Ondo PDP Youth Directorate expressed how prepared the PDP and its youth wing are ahead of the Nov 16 Governorship election in the state.

While answering questions put to him by the presenter, the Head of the Youth Directorate noted that the youth wing has resolved to, in a different dimension, take the bull by the horns by going to the nooks and crannies, creek and hinterlands on the state to propagate the #AgboFessy gospel as it’s the only candidature that is capable of alleviating the suffering of the people of the state.

He said, “Our Party ideology is people-driven, and our candidate, his running-mate has a history with the people of Ondo State, we have seen how our state has retrogressed economically and development-wise under APC helmsmen, we won’t allow this to continue as we will do everything legitimately possible to ensure we put an end to the draconic rule of APC in our dear state”.

You will recall that the Youth Directorate inaugurated different campaign committees at the PDP secretariat on Friday, Comrade Victor reiterated that the various committees are put in place to execute the plans of the Youth Directorate towards ensuring victory for the PDP.

He added, ” We have commissioned ourselves to take up tasks based on our comparative capacities by dividing ourselves into different committees that will take up different tasks aimed at achieving the ultimate goal of victory”.

When asked about the position of the Party’s Candidate on the verdict of the court regarding the LCDAs created by Former Governor Akeredolu, Comrade Victor responded by saying H.E Agboola Ajayi’s reaction to the verdict is borne out of a genuine desire to see effective governance manifesting at the grassroots level, he said, ” for Someone who was once a Local Government Chairman, the Party Candidate understands the importance of having viable hands with the liberty to work manning the affairs of their people at the local level”.

He closed the program by reiterating that the PDP candidate is the most experienced of all the candidates and that he is the only one whose administration in previous capacities has a paint of human face.

He appealed to the people of Ondo State to see beyond the fake promises of the APC and vote based on the current reality of hunger and suffering engineered by the misrule of the APC.

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