You’re a political gambler, chameleon maneuver —Aiyedatiwa replies PDP’s Agboola


Before it is too late, it is important to set the records straight concerning the lingering issue bothering on the recent judgment by an Akure High Court that nullified the 33 Local Council Development Areas (LCDAs) on the ground that its signing into law violated the territorial integrity of Ondo State. It is a notorious fact and incontrovertibly adduced in the open court that the law which backed the creation of the 33 LCDAs was signed in Ibadan, Oyo State.

However, the PDP candidate, Hon Agboola Ajayi swiftly found his mojo even without recourse to common sense, probity and patriotism to the state he dreams to govern as he criticized Governor Aiyedatiwa at the NUJ Press Centre. Hence, being irked by the insensitivity of the PDP candidate, the Lucky Aiyedatiwa Campaign Organization Foot Soldiers Independent Council (LACO-FSIC) through its spokesman, Dr Kayode Fasua, lashed on Hon Ajayi for insinuating that the Governor should have interfered and schemed out a favourable judicial outcome.

We sincerely thought the position of LACO-FSIC would have buried the matter until the PDP through Mr Ayo Fadaka, the Head of the Media Group of the PDP candidate, came up with the allegation of ‘Poverty of Ideas’ on the same issue that they have been properly schooled.

We wish to state that Governor Aiyedatiwa understands the independence of the judiciary as an arm of government. As a man who has benefitted from the rule of law, the rat-like and cunning idea being pushed by the PDP and its candidate to influence judicial outcome can only be found in a banana Republic. We do not doubt their disrespect for the rule of law. It is normal for a sane Governor to be poor in such ruinous idea. It is a big blessing too.

Governor Aiyedatiwa made history with the addition of eleven judges to Ondo state judiciary being the first increase since the creation of Ondo State in 1976. This is aimed at strengthening the judiciary for effective and efficient delivery. This is equally to promote the sanctity of the rule of law while crippling travesty of justice that the PDP and its candidate are trying to exalt. I doubt if there is any better idea than the one that engenders a free society where the law is respected above persons and powers.

If politics is to be a platform for noble people, Mr Ayo Fadaka whose party and candidate struggle badly shouldn’t talk about anyone lacking managerial initiative. How does Mr Fadaka see a man who steadied the ship of a state that was on the verge of experiencing a wreck some months ago? Do we need a soothsayer to know who is a better manager between his candidate and the Governor? Do we need to compare them in intelligence, composure, exposure, vision, carriage and sincerity of purpose?

In the interest of truth, the creation of the 33 LCDAs remains a legacy that must be protected but not by stampeding the independence of the judiciary as the PDP and its candidate want. The justifiable adjustments in line with the agitations of the people of Ondo state will materialize when we return to the drawing board. The court didn’t fault the state for creating the 33 LCDAs. The PDP should stop showing gross ignorance in everything.

It takes decorum and self control to lead in a democracy. One cannot be too surprised to hear this from a party’s candidate who is adept at political gambling and chameleonic maneuver. Within a space of four years, Hon. Agboola Ajayi has gone from APC to PDP to ZLP and to PDP. That is not the kind of legacy Governor Aiyedatiwa wants to be known for in the name of amending an interest or a law. Aiyedatiwa won’t gamble with the agitations of his people and the sanctity of our judiciary.

In addition, it is wicked, divisive and ungodly for the PDP to insinuate that Governor Aiyedatiwa hates his late boss even when he didn’t begrudge the processes leading to the creation of the LCDAs at any time. Only God knows what the PDP would have said if the Governor had called for amendment that will alter a lot of things.

Finally, the plebiscite in November cannot be won by baseless theatrics. The people are politically exposed to know the antecedents of the PDP candidate. Beyond what politicians intend to do, the people who have refused to be conned are asking for how politicians intend to do what they want to do. This sophistication is a big albatross on the neck of the PDP candidate. The people of Ondo state are satisfied with the purposeful leadership they have experienced under Governor Lucky Orimisan Aiyedatiwa. They cannot leave certainty for uncertainty.

Sunday Olugbenga Abire is Special Assistant on New Media to the Governor of Ondo State

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