New Islamic Year: Ekiti Muslim Youths bemoan continuous Naira devaluation, economy hardship


Assalamu alaikum waramotulahi wabarakatuh.

We thank Allah for sparing our life to witness another brand new year. We bless His name and we look on to Him to witness many more years in good health and prosperity.

On behalf of Ekiti State chapter of NACOMYO, I congratulate the entire Muslims of the state on this day and I wish all and sundry a happy and prosperous brand new year.

Today being the 1st day of Muharram 1443AH gives us the opportunity to reflect over the happenings of the past years and to project ahead of the new year.

In the process, we as Muslims of Ekiti State give thanks to Allah for His mercies and provisions. We also appreciate the political leadership of our dear State and Nigeria for their ability to keep the coast stable.

As a body, we declare our support for the oneness and unity of Nigeria and we condemn all forms of agitation for its division and breakage. We belief that we are better as a united entity and that we stand a better chance of attaining stardom as a united nation. Besides, it is our conviction that our existence as a nation is as it pleases Allah.

We however express our apprehension over the continual devaluation of the Naira and the economy hardship that has become the lot of Nigerians. This is in addition to the high unemployment rate among the youths of our dear state and the country at large. This development has led to high rate of crime in the society.

We call on government to sincerely address the nose diving nature of our economy and provide jobs to our teeming youths in the new year. In the process, Government will make Nigeria a worthwhile and befitting nation where crime and criminality will be at low ebb.

Equally worrisome is the increasing nature of insecurity in the country. The wave of insecurity has spread to Ekiti State and its fast enveloping the state. Movement across the state has now become difficult as one can easily fall victim of kidnapping or armed robbery attack in the process. Our one time peaceful state has been turned turbulent by the horrendous activities of bandits, kidnappers, armed robbers and gangsters. This is indeed worrisome and condemnable!

We call on the State Government to wake up to the security challenge and checkmate the shenanigans of the marauders so that Ekiti can be safe again. This is more so as the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria makes the provision of security as the primary essence of governance in our nation.

While appreciating Governor Kayode Fayemi for his laudable act of appointing Muslims into political positions, we urge the people’s Governor to do more during the new year as the present ratio of Muslims to Christians in Government is still far below equitable status.

In the same vein, we urge the Governor and Government of Ekiti State to consider Muslims for appointment into the judiciary arm of the state as there is no Muslim judge in the State.

We also appeal to the Government of Ekiti State to consider the declaration of the first day of Muharram ( just like the first day of January) a public holiday. This will afford Muslims the opportunity of celebrating the new year like their Christian counterparts. What the Gregorian calendar is to the Christians is what Hijrah calendar is to the Muslims.

On the whole, we thank Allah for the opportunity of this day and for making us witness another new year.

While wishing Muslims across the State a peaceful and prosperous new year; we appeal to all and sundry to shun all forms of crime and criminality in the new year, work hard and price high integrity, and be prayerful to Allah – our creator.

Happy new year!

Tajudeen Olutope Ahmed,Esq
NACOMYO Coordinator, Ekiti State chapter .
1st Muharram, 1443AH
(10th August, 2021)

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