Critics of Aiyedatiwa’s ‘LACO Foot Soldiers’ red Beret are illiterates —Ajobiewe

…. labeled them as illiterates, emphasizing that Christian clergymen, adopted beret as a symbol of humility and simplicity in their religious attire.

Hon. David Ajobiewe, the LACO director of Akoko Southwest LG, has vehemently condemned a baseless criticism from opponents who wrongly associate the ordinary beret cap with cultism.

Ajobiewe clarified that LACO foot soldiers, actively campaigning for their principal, utilize the beret cap as a symbolic part of their attire while spreading the gospel of Aiyedatiwa.

Highlighting the historical context of berets, Ajobiewe explained that troops worldwide began wearing berets as part of military uniforms in the 19th century, dismissing claims that the cap symbolizes cultism.

He attributed the criticism to frustrated opponents who, out of jealousy and fear, attempt to hinder the expanding influence of LACO foot soldiers across all 18 LGs in Ondo state.

Ajobiewe criticized those who label beret wearers as dumb and illiterate, emphasizing that preachers, including some Christian clergy, adopt beret caps as a symbol of humility and simplicity in their religious attire.

He urged the public to see through the baseless criticisms and understand the genuine intentions behind LACO’s use of the beret cap.

He urged shed light on the misconceptions surrounding the beret cap and portrays the criticism as a misguided attempt to undermine the positive impact of LACO’s activities, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to peaceful campaigning and community outreach.

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