Details of Tinubu’s meeting with Fasoranti, Afenifere leaders at Aso Rock revealed


President Bola Tinubu says his administration remains undeterred in its pursuit of comprehensive economic security for the country while addressing foundational challenges and creating a fair and equitable system in which all Nigerians can thrive.

Speaking when he received leaders of Afenifere, the respected Yoruba Socio-Cultural Organization led by PA Reuben Fasoranti, at the State House in Abuja, on Wednesday, the President said his administration is re-engineering Nigeria’s finances and seeking to boost the purchasing power of citizens, and spread prosperity down the line, by instituting a credit system where the element of cash is not an impediment to a significantly enhanced standard of living for all citizens.

He said Nigeria must secure itself economically first before it can achieve any of its more sophisticated objectives.

‘’We are committed to the economic survival of our country. To re-engineer the finances of our country, we must start in earnest. So first, retool, revamp the economic opportunities available, and resolve to continue taking the firm and steady baby steps that are necessary.

‘’Education is a strong weapon against poverty. To empower the people, we must invest in the future of our youths. We have seen the problems parents face in training their children in school; it is the reason why we established the National Student Loan Programme, which is taking off well.

‘’We are equally examining what to do with the high degree of unemployment. We must help vulnerable people by providing social security. We are looking at how to provide allowances for the unemployed, and we are developing ways to boost the purchasing power of citizens with the Consumer Credit Scheme. If we remove the cash upfront element to buy a car or a house, we will reduce the propensity for fraud and corruption across the land,’’ President Tinubu said.

Speaking on security, the President declared that those who threaten the sovereignty of Nigeria would pay a heavy price.

‘’I am irrevocably committed to the unity of Nigeria and constitutional democracy. Constitutional democracy is reflected greatly here since we assumed office. What we face now is the challenge of terrorism. Security of life and property is very necessary for development. I can tell you we are achieving success. We have degraded terrorism to a level that they cannot threaten the sovereignty of Nigeria any longer.

‘’Banditry and kidnapping will be defeated. And there is no payment of ransom whatsoever. We are taking the battle to them. We are getting results more rapidly than before. We are working hard on intelligence gathering. Those who think they can threaten the sovereignty of Nigeria will have themselves to blame. They have a price to pay. And we are not going to relent,’’ the President affirmed.

The President thanked the esteemed delegation for their prayers and support, assuring them that he would not relent in his resolve to advance Nigeria.

‘’God bless Nigeria. God bless our unity; our diversity must bring prosperity for all for the sake of Nigeria,’’ President Tinubu concluded.

Earlier in his remarks, His Royal Majesty, Oba Olu Falae commended the President for his courageous decisions and for the rehabilitation of the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos, as well as other critical ongoing projects.

He urged the President not to relent in ensuring fairness and equity for all Nigerians while noting the importance of a constitutional amendment to devolve more powers to the states.

‘’We are delighted about what you are doing for our country, and we assure you of our continued support. We thank you for your visit to Akure in February 2024, and we believe it is right and proper to reciprocate your kind gesture. We appreciate this relationship, and we need to make it work in the interest of Nigeria.

‘’Mr. President, you are the leader of Nigeria now and the most important political figure in Africa. We expect you, in view of your legacy and pedigree, to lead our country with knowledge, courage, and integrity. We have no doubt that your tenure will mark a turning point in the history of our country. Under your leadership, Nigeria will be repositioned.

‘’We will stand by you as you make all efforts to change the Nigeria story for the better. Be assured Afenifere will not abandon you in fair or foul weather. As long as you remain faithful to the principles of fairness, integrity, and courage that is expected of you as the leader of Nigeria, we will stand by you,’’ Oba Falae said.

The delegation was led by Pa Reuben Fasoranti, leader of Afenifere; Oba Falae, alongside other eminent citizens.

Fasoranti Leads Afenifere Delegation To Tinubu, Presents List of Demands To President April 17, 2024

Leader of Pan Yoruba Socio -Cultural Organization, Afenifere, Pa Reuben Fasoranti on Wednesday led a delegation of the group to President Tinubu at the Presidentin Abuja.

Fasoranti, in his address during the courtesy visit, commended President Tinubu for his efforts at changing the narratives about the country, adding that the organization acknowledged his commitment to the progress and development of the country.

He , however, urged the president to consider the expeditious implementation of the demands of the organization, including the restructuring of the country and the construction of major roads, especially in the South West , among other demands.

Below is the full text of the address of Pa Reuben Fasoranti


Remarks by Chief Reuben Famuyide Fasoranti, OFR, the Leader of Afenifere and Asiwaju Yoruba, during the courtesy call on His Excellency, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu on Wednesday April 17, 2024.

The entire leadership of Afenifere is happy to be here at the centre of Nigerian power, Aso Rock Villa, to meet with our son, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the first member of Afenifere to be elected the President of Nigeria. We are delighted, Mr. President, with what you are doing for our country, and we assure you of our continuing support.

We thank you for your visit to us in Akure February 28, 2024, and we believe it is right and proper and in line with Yoruba tradition that we should reciprocate your kind gesture. We appreciate this relationship, and we need to make it work in the interest of Nigeria and the larger world of Africa and Africa in the Diaspora.

Mr. President, you are the leader of Nigeria now and the most important political figure in the Black World. We expect you to know your pedigree and the legacy that you represent to lead our country with courage, knowledge, and integrity. We have no doubt that your tenure would mark a turning-point in the history of Nigeria when our great country, under your able leadership, would be re-positioned for greatness.
We would like to call Your Excellency’s attention to certain issues.


During the march to independence, our leaders agreed on the Independence Constitution, which allowed each of the three regions to have its own Constitution. This Constitution got terminated in 1966 following the first military coup that ended the First Republic. Now, we have to deal with the reality that we have 36 states and not three or four regions. Nonetheless, we would want you to lead the efforts to amend the present Constitution to reflect the agreement of our leaders and founding fathers of our Republic. The six geopolitical zones now being used for certain decisions already point to a future regional arrangement for our country. We look into a future when more powers and responsibilities are devolved to the states so that our citizens can benefit more from a more equitable federalism. We take special note that restructuring of the federation is one a major item of your party, the All-Progressives Congress, APC.


We congratulate Your Excellency on the massive reconstruction of the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos and the excellent work done on the Lagos-Ibadan Express Road. We also want Your Excellency to look into the state of all the federal highways in the South-West, including the Ibadan to Ife, Akure to Ado Ekiti, and Osogbo to IAkinfosile-Igbotako Road. We need the dualization of Ore-Ondo-Akure-Owo-Benin Road. Almost all these roads need urgent and comprehensive federal attention. Many of these roads require not just repairs but total rehabilitations. We need special attention on the deplorable state of the Ibadan-Ife-Ondo Road, which links the political capital of Yorubaland with the Source.
One major project that would benefit not just the South-West but the entire country is a rail-link between Lagos and Abuja. This would be a great legacy project for Your Excellency for your consideration and implementation.

Afenifere is in support of the campaign for state police. We believe this would enhance the security of life and property. We also want Your Excellency to look at the command structures of federal security agencies to ensure equity and justice in the posting and deployments of senior officers. Equity should also reflect in the recruitment of security officers from the bottom up. It is not good for the future of our country if one section of it has some of the security agencies in its pocket.

Unemployment has become a big burden for our country, where we have more than 70 per cent of the population below the age of 30. We would like to appeal that Federal Government capital projects, including road construction, should be geared towards creating employment. This is necessary because it is becoming increasingly fashionable for politicians to prefer foreign companies to carry out jobs that can be competently done by Nigerian companies. For example, if Nigerians can not build train engines, we can at least start from building train coaches! If Mr. President would allow us, we would submit a proposal for employment using the existing artisans throughout the country to institute a national apprenticeship training system that would take millions of youths from the street.

We would like to appeal to Your Excellency to approve the upgrading of the Federal College of Agriculture, Kabba, in Kogi State into a full-fledge federal university. The college is one of the oldest tertiary institutions in Nigeria. It was one of the five Colleges of Agriculture created when the Ahmadu Bello, University, Zaria, was established in 1963. Fifty-nine years later, each of the other four colleges has been upgraded to Federal University. The only exception is Kabba. We hereby appeal to Your Excellency to change the fortune of this old institution by upgrading it to a university.

We commend Your Excellency on the prompt action in signing the Students Loan Act. We implore that this should be operationalise soonest. It is an indication of your unwavering to the legacy bequeathed to us by our leader and sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, on the centrality of education to human development We affirm that we will stand by you as you make all efforts to change the Nigerian story for the better. Be assured that Afenifere would not abandon you in fair or foul weather as long as you remain faithful to the principles of integrity, fairness, competence and courage that we expect of you as the Leader of our Republic. All the leaders and elders of Yorubaland are with you. All our mothers and youths are standing by you as you carry out this your historic assignment.

Now that we have fulfilled our promise to visit you, note that as we depart, our goodwill and prayers will always be with you. You have started well. God will grant you the capacity and wisdom to serve Nigeria well during your first and second terms.

Thanks, Your Excellency, for your time and attention.
-the end-

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